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Sabrina and Claudio Piantini

Hello to everybody!!  We miss you

Thanks to all of you, you are forever in our memories ....our dream is to host you again in Italy

Sabrina I Viaggi del Gusto travel planner
Claudio Chef of Torre Guelfa
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oggetto: Molte bene! da: Fam Tol
   26/01/2015 ore 10:10
  This year, we won't be coming to Tuscany, but if we could take your restaurant with us...our vacation would be complete. We've visited your restaurant for two years and it was marvelous.
The kids enjoyd the cats and garden and a special made spaghetti and we were once again bedazzled by the wonderful surroundings and of course exquise kitchen. Thank you and keep it up!

oggetto: Domenica 19/10/2014 da: steelcad.arch
   21/10/2014 ore 15:11
  Chef Claudio,
ti ringraziamo per la tua professionalitÓ, ospitalitÓ e cortesia!
A sabato!
Rossano e Giuliana

oggetto: Thank you da: Bob & Ellen Renga
   11/10/2011 ore 22:33
  Chef Claudio & Sabrina;

Bob and I were there the week of Sept.19. We had a wonderful time staying on your property. The two of you made the trip unforgettable. You treated all of us like family and made us feel right at home. Speaking of family - We hope your father is doing better. Your Mother was so sweet showing us all around the garden one afternoon.
We loved all our cooking lessons and the trip to the market. We have already had several Tuscan dinner parties, all your receipes and lots of red water. We do miss our "Tuscan Tea" after dinner.
We have had to eat some "sheep food' since we returned to counter all the great food there.
Thank you so much for your hospitality, and fantastic sense of humor. You made our 40th anniversary spectacular!!!
Bob & Ellen Renga

oggetto: Ciao da: molto bene/Kathy
   02/05/2011 ore 08:53
  Dear Chef Claudio,loved spending time with you and your family for the week before Easter.I was with the group from International Kitchens. We all had the time of our lives and some of us will hopefully be back soon-"why not"! You are the BEST and your home is beautiful!! Much love, Kathy,Bill,Diane,Tosh,Mahala (on strike),Nancy,we were also lucky to meet our new beautiful friend Denise while there. It was an amazing time,we'll never forget you. Don't forget to use your salad bowl! Best wishes to you and your family,Kathy Wallace
oggetto: Thank You da: Josh
   13/08/2010 ore 19:10
  Dear Claudio and Sabrina,

I can not thank you enough for what was quite honestly one of the best experiences of my life. As a 22 year old contemplating culinary school, your fantastic instruction has given me that much more incentive to truly attain my dream. It was not only the fantastic food, the freshest ingredients picked that morning, and the beautiful surroundings, but the attention to detail in every inch of cooking, preparing, and serving food for others that made this experience so memorable. Your warmth and hospitality, not to mention the private lesson on such short notice, are unmatched. Claudio: please keep growing your own ingredients for all of your dishes: it makes a world of difference in the final product.

Once again, thank you for everything. Please keep in touch!

Josh Leskar

oggetto: THANK YOU da: Marc & Laura
   26/07/2010 ore 10:47
  Dear Claudio and Sabrina - we are now back in the USA from our wonderful trip to Italy. Without a doubt, one of the highlights from our trip was the private cooking lesson with Claudio. We had a wonderful time learning the basic skills that result in a great meal. We will remember walking through the garden and picking plums to eat and the delicious meal we enjoyed pool side. Sabrina - thanks for getting us back to the train on time, your warmth and hospitality were very much appreciated. All the best, Marc & Laura Goldberg
oggetto: Tuscan vacation da: Adina
   13/01/2010 ore 08:59
  Dear Sabrina and Claudio,
First, I want to apologize for this late email. It's over a month since we came home and every weekend I meant to send you the pictures and to thank you again, and somehow it never happened, life took over and we got back into the running around of every please forgive me.
First, I want to once again thank the two of you from the bottom of heart. You have made our stay in Tuscany, and our vacation in Italy, the most enjoyable and memorable ever! Your generosity, and warmth, were amazing, and you made us feel so welcomed and comfortable, as if we knew each other for years. Thank you! Thank You! ThankYou!
We have not stopped talking about our trip to Italy, about the two of you, about Claudio's cooking, and your place. We compare every meal we eat out to Claudio's and nothing is the same.... We now drink only Italian wine :)
Over all I can say that this was the best vacation ever for us and much of it is because of you two.... we will be back for sure!
Please give our best to Daniella and Wahid,
Thank you onec more,

All our best,
Adina & Andy

oggetto: Potato Gnocchi recipes da: lynne
   13/01/2010 ore 08:52
  Sabrina, Thank you so much for the recipes. I got your email in time and made the gnocchi di potato. Tell Claudio they were delicious and everyone thoroughly enjoyed them. Please let me know when Claudio's cookbook is ready since I would like to buy a few copies. Can't wait to come back someday and do the cooking school. Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy New Year. Sincerely, Lynne
oggetto: happy new year da: David
   13/01/2010 ore 08:34
  Dear Sabrina,
Greetings from sunny Queensland, Australia.
Thank you for your Christmas wishes! Merry Christmas to all at Torre Guelfa in beautiful Figline.
The time we spent with you all and Chef Claudio always bring back pleasant memories.
We still practise our cooking, using the recipes we used in your beautiful establishment.
We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a very prosperous New Year.

Best wishes
David and Jan Collins

oggetto: saluti da: simone
   13/01/2010 ore 07:49
  Un saluto a tutti
oggetto: greetings da: kG
   13/01/2010 ore 07:35
  I miss you all so much. The experience was absolutely wonderful. If you ever come to the US, I would love to have you and Claudio as my guests.


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