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Wrapped in the beauty of the Renaissance: the thousand perceptions of Florence and all the experiences to live it

n Florence you can go back to "1400 almost 1500" ... which means immersing yourself in the encounter, on the streets of Florence, with Brunelleschi and Masaccio, Donatello and Michelangelo, Lorenzo the Magnificent and Savonarola...and then Machiavelli, Galileo, Leonardo .... each in their own art of an architect, painter , sculptor, prince, preacher, to transform (and without wanting to know), this town on the banks of the Arno into a masterpiece, the "Cradle of the Renaissance"! Florence, which until then was a rich city, for the shops, but not incisive, becomes a new model for the "New Man" who came from the Middle Ages... changing the history of the world. In a few miles, by the will of enlightened princes and genius artists, churches, palaces, museums, bridges began to rise. The works painted in the shops, which adorn museums all over the world, and the sciences that were experimented in the academies, have changed forever the history and history of art !! All these works of stone, canvas and marble, together with those intangible of human genius, are its immense universal legacy, available to all. Walking through the center starting from one of the Santa Croce emblems, from the tombs of the most illustrious pantheon (including those of Michelangelo Buonarroti, Galileo Galilei, Niccolò Machiavelli), and the most famous frescoes, by Vasari and the most important Italian artists from the '200 onwards (Giotto, Agnolo Gaddi, etc.); continuing the Ponte Vecchio, the Piazza della Signoria, the Cathedral and .. without missing the Oltrarno with the artisan quarters of Santo Spirito and the popular ones of San Frediano that embrace Pitti Palace protected by its fortress "Forte Belvedere" from which to reach Piazzale Michelangelo will mean "owning" the seductive city, just as the Medici wanted! And then descend, within the last of the seven circles of the Walls, from the top, which well lit Galileo Galilei, to re-appreciate those neighborhoods that from "outside the walls" were able to accept the Medici power and which still today binds the Florentines: from Sant'Ambrogio to San Lorenzo passing through the first hospital in Europe, commissioned by Folco Portinari in 200, and which hosted Leonardo da Vinci for his anatomical studies .. and which continues to operate, at the behest of the residents, protected by the immense David, who was wanted here, in this district, to be kept! ... in fact the city which, remained on a human scale, is densely inexhaustible: in its 178 major museums and in every corner open to sight and beauty

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uffizi david raccolta olive BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO  

To be attracted to Florence means to be attracted to the Renaissance, that harmony of arts and genes that starting here influenced the whole world ! What experiece we will "taste" today?

Today our start will be sweet .. literally .. the tour begins with a special liqueur brioche, is our first Foodies pit stop, which, today made for you in a renowned pastry shop, but which the nuns had been making in pharmacies since the Renaissance .. yes!! Santa Maria Novella is one of this where we will enter you amazed .. smells, original furnishings, liqueurs and perfumes .... only afterwards we can go to the Duomo.. why?  the artistic guide will accompany us to discover the famous Brunelleschi's Dome, with the ascent of 463 steps (without elevator) to admire the 360 meters of frescoes. Then,  back down: the golden doors of the "Paradise" of the Baptistery, the decorations of the facade and the bell tower up to the museum where everything was born to welcome the statues and art and after .. here the art guided visit will end .. for us time for continuing Rest legs and delight palate: a  substantial ribollita! Foodies pit stop is typical light lunch. ... need you to digest it? Must to climb the Giotto's Tower ...only 414 steps... but better leave them until the day after tomorrow (take advantage of our ticket, it allows it!) ... for today, continuing more soft we will move to Piazzale Michelangelo, the wonderful balcony over Florence and we will continue there the beauty walk to reach the Church of San Miniato where ... you touch the dome with your finger ... and if we want to continue the beautyness.. walking up to Forte Belvelvedere we will be! [...]



asolo asolo winery tempio canova

Being in Florence and not grasping its essence is a crime! The center of Florence will be the spectacular frame of a tour dedicated to the glorious past of the city and also to its stimulating present life

And it will be the very heart of Florence, Palazzo Vecchio, to speak, as indeed it has always been able to do, because here everything blends from the Roman foundations to the Renaissance splendor of the '500 salon. But you will be surprised when we start our experience with a Truffle tasting ... yes, because it will not only be an excellence to taste but will make us understand the enormous changes of thought through mysticism and prohibition that still makes this excellence as fascinating as it is precious ... and it will be like having given a smell and a taste to the different historical periods when we would visit Palazzo Vecchio before proceeding between sober Palaces and austere Medieval narrow streets that will lead us to our dinner where our journey of the senses will find a perfect ending. Our unexpected and different dinner will be the last foodies' pit stop where history of the building that, also shows, from the Roman ruins to the medieval frescoes of Giotto, meets the contemporary design of the dishes [...]

timetablefishing lab cena design in Florence


uffizi david raccolta olive BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

Being attracted to Florence means being attracted by the Renaissance for its concept of beauty, understood as an expression of the perfect harmony that regulates man, nature and science. For this reason, for every visitor, in every time you are in Florence, the Uffizi and the Academy Gallery are not to be missed!

And today our guided experience will be to discover the greatest masterpieces of the Uffizi and those of Michelangelo kept at the Galleria dell'Accademia and then end up in the Oltrarno, the artisans' district, for our stop foodies with a typical lunch sitting together with those who work daily to preserve and implement the beauty that was a Renaissance highlight ... imagining .. to find among the diners the same artists that ... in the Renaissance started just like this: in the workshops called Botteghe!!! [...]

timetableAntica mescita BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO


uffizi david raccolta olive BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

Florence and the Renaissance concept of beauty, a passage between artists to recognize their distinctive trait; from the Uffizi to the Duomo, symbols for Art and Sculpture.. like ice cream in its original Buontalenti cream .. yes, yes .. the same Buontalenti artist: Tappa Foodies, curious distraction today !!

And today our guided experience will be to discover the symbols of Florence, two maximum artistic expressions of the Renaissance: the Uffizi Gallery with the pictorial masterpieces of Michelangelo and Botticelli ... and the Duomo with Brunelleschi's dome, made with machines Leonardo da Vinci's construction ... it will be a rundown of the major artists who have created beauty .. but do we want to forget Buontalenti? .. to lighten how the Renaissance wants: gelato .. yes the artist was the inventor.. we will discover in our Foodies pit stop  with a tasting of its cream !! Delight, amazement ... or distraction from art: what does the Renaissance hide? Ending the guided tour the guide will leave you free to climb the Cathedral up to its dome .. to have dominion over the city .. as it was for the Medici [...]

timetableUffizi BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO


la venere di botticelli uffizi SAN MINIATO raccolta olive BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

Being attracted to Florence means being attracted to the Renaissance for its concept of beauty, elitist luxury which, together with knowledge, reveals the esoteric face ... in the harmony of art and in the prohibition and mysticism of the our foodies pit stop

And this is how today our journey will be to the discovery of the two greatest actors of the Reinassance: Michelangelo and Botticelli among the few who were able to welcome into painting and sculpture, as geniuses as was, the esoteric language that only in the Renaissance knew how to link faith and science through that a harmony that not only translated into beauty but that made the search for knowledge approve, which translated into science, binding it to a select few: the geniuses! The only ones to whom nature and therefore the divine power had elected them to be educators, the connection, with their esoteric language, between the absolute knowledge of God and the absolute ignorance of medieval man. So our guided ezperience of today will be a guided tour to discover the esoteric Florence of the Renaissance, through the search for those secret codes that will allow us to understand how Botticelli and Michelangelo treated them in art and how the truffle welcomed them translating into the concept of "luxury "the concept of eliteness that we can try in our foodies pit stop with tasting light lunch [....]




Today our experience brings us to know Florence while having fun between history and craftsmanship .. the same ones that made the Medici: rich merchants and powerful governors .. and we will participate by "entering it ".. with full hands .. in that Florentine style, even with our foodies pit stop !

Welcoming at the entrance by Michelangelo's David copy , we will entere to the important courtyard where we will meet our guide and the other "traveling companions" with whom we will begin the historical walk among the different rooms where time seems to have stopped! The staircase of the Duke of Athens, the study of Francis I, the treasure of Cosimo I and the trusses of the ceiling of the Salone dei Cinquecento will reveal strategies and thoughts that moved the economy of the city between vices and virtues of the most powerful family that it was the Medici who made their wealth from their merchant business And curious about what they sold, so precious, we would continue our discovery by entering one of the laboratories where still today the marbled paper is produced, which, to be almost exclusively produced in Florence, has become almost synonymous with the city, at least that with peacock's tail design! Here, in one of the main binding and paper-making lab in the city, we will meet those who have inherited the art and will put us to the test .. it will be fun to see how the colors dance in the "bathtub" to the wise stirring of a stick that will determine the design before the "hairstyle" that will leave colors impressed on the paper, producing what is a real work of art that we will take home !! But we should not wait for the complete drying .. to see the result, our Foodies pit stop with light lunch will be enough and, if it is not ready later , we could ask to send to home !!! [...]


autista privato FIRENZE NELLO STILE

museo ferragamo pitti palace galleria del costume

If we are thinking of art and fashion, immediatly the thought going to aesthetic beauty, the one that universally satisfies the view and that, in the modern meaning was born in the Renaissance of which Florence is the cradle !! Our guided trip will be the experience along the history and culture of fashion as an expression of the lifestyle of all time!

An interesting experience journey that , as a time machine, "driving" us in the history of Italian lifestyle! From the Ferragamo Museum which fully anticipate the contemporaneity finding inspiration in its Renaissance palace for continuing to Pitti Palace ...where ever else .. if not at Palazzo Pitti and Giardino di Boboli where to follow the lifestyle of the Medici .. if true, how true it is, that everything has originated from them !! And entering it, we will perceive all the charm and go through their collections: from art to costume we will see the "Medici" fashion ... the Argenti, the carriages and the incredible garden and we will surprise us how beauty , over the style , has manteining the universal aesthetic sense ... the same that it will push us to continue following our personal STYLE !! An exotic Foodies pit stop will take us back to the contemporary with a fine guided tasting [...]




A journey in authentic Florence like "Fiorentini" also in our Foodie Pit Stop .. a journey into the medieval and cristina soul that leads us to enter the hospital, still of the citizen, still supported by the Oblates to visit the pharmacy before discovering the meaning religious reception in the districts of Florence

Today our journey will lead us to discover the face that only the locals expect to find: the medieval towers, as in San Gimignano and the daily life of the Florentines residing starting from the first hospital that from the Middle Ages here continues to work ... only for who lives inside the Florentine walls and who, like then, boasts the support of the Oblate' sisters !!! The guided experience of today will enter the soul of Florence through the lifestyle of the Florentines that we can do only retracing on the path of the Christianity .. so it will be a journey from the district from which the first Christian community Santa Felicita originated, in the Oltrarno district, to the first cathedral of San Lorenzo, passing through the Duomo to visit the museum parts of the Santa Maria Nuova hospital. Here we could understand how Florence became Christian: from the Romans, with the temple, to the Renaissance that hosted Leonardo da Vinci for anatomical studies underneath the complete management of the sisters to whom Folco Portinari, father of the Beatrice loved by Dante, entrusted all responsibility from the end of the 13th century. Then continuing to breath the lifestyle of the few Florentines who continue to live here will make us better understand the Christian approach to lifestyle that they made here: the first orphanage for single mothers ... which was in the middle ages too !!! A foodies pit stop for lunch , as Florentines do,  will make us forget that we are tourists even if lunch will be light !!!  [...]


uffizi david raccolta olive BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

To be attracted to Florence means to be attracted to the Renaissance, that harmony of arts and genes that starting here influenced the whole world ! This is why every time Florence is worth a visit and the walk with an art historian will reveal one of the many facets to get in feel with that museum that you have chosen to breathe today...

The center of Florence will be the spectacular frame of a tour dedicated to the city's glorious past and also to its stimulating present life. The slow paced walking tour will introduce you to the most important monuments of Florence. Begin at the Cathedral with the famous Dome by Brunelleschi and the gold "Paradise" doors of the Baptistry. You will see elegant palaces, pass some fashionable shops, and walk through the charming narrow medieval streets. Continue on to Piazza Signoria, which has been the political complex of Florence since the 1300's when Florence was considered the richest city in Europe. Walk to the Ponte Vecchio, the bridge which attracts so much curiosity not only for its unique and charming appearance but also for the fabulous jewelry shops that line the bridge. End the tour in your museum of today ... it will be like the first kiss of the first love date !! Where ???? (you decide it) [...]



uffizi david raccolta olive BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

Being attracted to Florence means being attracted to the Renaissance and the greatest geniuses, but what happened to make it happen? To discover the power of Florence, you just have to retrace the Medievo .. that of Dante! A historical walk for ending where history from the Romans to Medievo and contemporary design come together for an unusual happy hour

Today with our Chiara, the local guide, we will deepen the Middle Ages of Dante and we will discover how Florence was managed in that period !! A beautiful walk, along the first ring of the city walls , from Palazzo Vecchio to the Cathedral will be a way to "listen" to the stories of each palace and discover the rule of each of them for the Meddle age society and it will be a journey into the past time where monuments and statues are the visual symbol of the history of families, people and cooperation of workers, artisans and artists who was the real resource for the economy that produced the Florentine heritage. At the end of the tour you will stop in a gourmet bistro where the history of the building, from Roman ruins and Renaissance frescoes, merge with the innovations of interior design and in the cooking of the chefs ... Here you will have a glass of wine with a pairing food to say hello to Chiara ... it will be a good way to start exploring the food culture.. and for dinner you can stay there ... if you like fish: it is very fresh and good! ! [...]



mercato centrale san lorenzo uffizi mercato centrale BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

A journey through the colours and scents of San Lorenzo in the historic central market to enter the Florentine lifestyle with a light tasting lunch.

Today a fantastic experience for all senses… we will visit the Central market in Florence, a place where you can do your food shopping but that is also an experience to see and learn about local producers…a heaven for food lovers! The central market of Florence is done in an iron building with large windows in the historic center of the city, in the San Lorenzo area. It can be considered the most active and lively in the historic center and is built on two floors; in the lower floor you can buy cheeses, meat, fish and typical local products while in the upper floor there is a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. The structure is the work of the architect Giuseppe Mengoni (1870-1874), who for the event 'Florence capital of Italy' also built the loggia of 10 arches on each side of the building. It was evident that the New Market under the Loggia del Porcellino was insufficient to meet the needs of the population; so it was decided to realize a new one by rehabilitating old quarters of the historic center those that were once called the 'Camaldoli'. let's go to visit and Enjoy our Foodies pit stop with tasting light lunch [...]

Mercato centrale BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO


mercato centrale san lorenzo uffizi mercato centrale BY I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

A fun journey through the secrets in the power rooms of the Old Palace between painted closets and narrow stairs to understand the 500 of the Medici ending with a gelato tasting happy hour ..the same invented for a Medici's wedding!!

Today an experience to discover the secret places in the "rooms of Florentine power": Palazzo Vecchio. This special and interesting guided tour of Palazzo Vecchio allows you to visit some particularly precious halls: among them, the staircase created by the will of Gualtieri of Brienne and obtained in the thickness of the wall; the Studiolo of Francesco I de'Medici, a refined "casket", the studios' of knowledge, where ,behind the paintings, were the cabinets full of "rare and pretiose things", and then climb the narrow steps into the walls of the majestic palace to return to the magnificentness where immediately exposed the desk of his father Cosimo I (better known as Tesoretto); Finally, the imposing trellis structure that supports the coffered ceiling of the Salon dei Cinquecento . Climbed the narrow steps of the medieval staircase of Duke Gualtieri, you will discover an unexpected path beyond a door hidden by a painting, you will be able to observe from an unusual and privileged perspective of the Hall of the Five Hundred and explore the Medici's royal Palace from a different and intriguing point of view....But it won't be over... another secret will be revealed: what was the wedding gift of Buontalenti architect for a wedding in the Medici house?... ice cream.. a tasting will reveal the mystery!! [...] 


The 3-hour private guided tour with an art guide focuses on Medici and Michelangelo and their bond of love and hate whose symbol is the David. To finish with an unusual gourmet light lunch in a glam restaurant where you can touch the history and art of the Palazzo and the contemporaneity of gourmet cuisine based on fresh fish. 
Today an experience to enter the Renaissance soul of Florence that summarizes in the Medici family power, art and lifestyle by changing history. All the secrets are in the "rooms of Florentine power": Palazzo Vecchio from its Roman foundation to the Medieval Tower passing through the Renaissance treasures of its magnificent beauty of frescoes and interior decorations ... even the map room or the alchemist's studio there they help to understand the relationship between power and art and ... maybe your point of view looking at David in the future will be different ... the difference between the copy, in the square, and the original by Michelangelo is not pure beauty. .and we will start from the Accademia per il David and then from Palazzo Vecchio. Of beauty you will see .. the imposing trellis structure that supports the coffered ceiling of the Salone dei Cinquecento and all the frescoes ... but what we cannot see: the mathematical calculation of the structures that perhaps was designed by Brunellesìchi ... and the enormous meters of painting, never finished, by Michelangelo and Leonardo, who challenged each other at the same time ... you will know and images! Even if you jump to climb the Tower you will recognize the layering of history and the passage from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance and this is the main reason for making our Foodie Pit stop, the light lunch will be a contemporary interpretation of art in food continuing the fusion of the history of the art of the Giotto's frescoes .. [...]



Being in Florence and not feeling the power is impossible. it is the legacy of the Medici! The historic walk in Florence between lights and shadows of the powerful dynasty and then go to Chianti to meet the statesman Machiavelli in what was his home to drink his wine and eat in "his" Osteria

Today our experience will be a dive into history. that, as always here in Tuscany, ends up in "Wine"! We will start from Florence to re-run among the palaces, churches and streets to hunt the Medici dynasty ... up to the Palace that was for them royal but that in fact has always been the "Wall street from the Medievo" ... We will start from Florence where we will take the half-day guided tour to discover the essence of the Renaissance and its highlights made by the Medicean dynasty. Then continuing the story of the Medici an unusual tour of Chianti leads us to discover the Machiavelli wine and figure. Crossing the incredible vineyard we will stop at Villa Machiavelli where we will visit the underground cellars, the Italian Garden and the studio where his wrote the famous political treatises. Final make a nice wine tasting with cold specialties in the "inn" that was muse of the political book of Machiavelli . just what for Lorenzo the Magnificent was written!!!  [...]




What experience are you thinking of ?


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