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"See Naples and then die" .. it is an Italian mott and can be true if we reveal its soul, its fatalism and the thousand contradictions that result from it, style of being in these lands where Vesuvius is death and life deciding the destinies of the cities, people and amazing coastline... to be experienced 

An incomprehensibly passionate land where everything is intense, excessive in the positive as in the contradictions, and for its uniqueness worthly described as fatal, the appellation of Naples, its "mother" that exudes of the fatalism that Vesuvius has indelibly imprinted .... and only after breathing Pompeii will everything be clear !! And then the infinite beauties of the coasts where even the massification of the building abuses have become integrated beauty and ... then the Faraglioni and its volcanic Islands ... the lands that emerged up to the slopes of Vesuvius to breathe in the sulfur, as the morbid link between life and death,  that dictates the intensity of the Neapolitans for whom the perception that there is no tomorrow is the only motion of the soul that pushes them to the motion  .. becoming almost incomprehensible .. .And then there will be other perceptions that we would also receive arriving in places where ancient Greece will be breathed with its majesty as Paestum or those that we would receive in front of the beauty of its Amalfi coast or on the palate in front of Mozzarella like Taurasi .. or Babà up to limoncello !!!

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pompei scavi affreschi casa dellorso pompei antichi forni da pane PIZZA NAPOLETANA PASSION OF I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO

Pompeii holds an intense fascination for visitors today… and how could we not imagine the scents of bread and pizza in front of the ancient oven that has kept to us charred bread rolls?

Our guide will take us slowly through some of the ancient streets of Pompeii making us imagine local lifestyles and amaze us with the sight of frescoes on walls and floors and , although your interests are not in history, neither in archaeology , we would be impressed !!! For this reason we will come out stunned with the feeling of having really known the inhabitants and having imagined living with them , in their lifestyle and , when we arrive Pizzeria, the Pizzaiuolo, in the “flesh and bones” that we will hug , will be: already familiar person!!! And share with him the“putting your hands in the dough”will be an emotion that will accompany us in every step until the moment when baked the Pizza from the oven: colors, perfumes and…more will be irresistible . and we will run away with the desire to eat it!!!   [...]



campania ercolano pompei scavi

A journey to full senses will take us on the roads of the Amalfi Coast savoring every emotion between the marvelous  breathtaking panorama and the light and refined atmospheres that, like the sound of a skilfully touched piano, flutter on villages mixed to the aromas of lemons and colors of the sea ... and it will be  .. the song of the Sirens .. that will push us visit: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello  and fixing any taste in our Foodies pit stop !!

Today will be a journey of a thousand emotions and ... like the song of the Sirens .... Positano, Amalfi .. and Ravello will attract us on a visit !! From Positano with the unmissable visit to the Grotta La Porta which, only after an inevitable lemon delight, we will can walk along the Path of the Gods, a quite long walk, of unique charm among the colors of the houses, to exit to the alleys full of shops and the spectacular descents to sea ​​... Then continue to Amalfi among the shops in the center, where our Foodies pit stop  will be dedicated to a typical light lunch that will not end without the lemon sorbet . Our experience will end with the indispensable, on a road trip in "costiera", to Ravello which, from its 350 meters, overlooks the Gulf of Salerno and lets you walk to show us its Villas and the most secret corners. Along the path, equipped with swimmingweare, we will imprint  every emotion with a bath in the Emerald Grotto !! [...]



campania ercolano pompei scavi

We will board and sail along the Amalfi Coast: the coast that separates us from Positano is a triumph of nature, the continuous alternation of high coast with small coves, some of which can only be reached by sea such as "La Conca del Sogno", one of the most beautiful landing places on the sea of ​​the Gulf of Salerno.

Today only the embarrassment of the choice for a stop for a swim or a walk on some beach the more often than not deserted, together with a delicious drinks, will make us arrive in Positano where the show looks really lovely, the town, with its roofs domed and multi-colored houses, offers a scenario so suggestive as to seem a theatrical setting. In this village with very narrow streets you can't not walk around, among other things, the only way to move around the country, given the layout of the houses next to each other. Leaving Positano, we continue to the Amalfi vault, famous for its Romanesque / Arab / Norman-style cathedral erected in the 2nd century and its paper mills. Amalfi was one of the maritime republics and as such was affected by both architecture and in the handicrafts of the influences of all the cultures of the Mediterranean basin. And here we will not miss visits to the cloister of Paradise and the Grotta dello Smeraldo as well as our foodies pit stop to impress every aroma! [...]


pompei scavi campania MOZZARELLA BUFALA

Today will be a journey back in time .. to the court of the Bourbons between the glories of the Royal Palace of Caserta and the amazing silks, moving to visit its historical village-factory and delight in those flavors that time has not changed: Buffalo Mozzarella .. protagonist of our Foodies Pit stop

Today our journey wears fashion and beauty of the Bourbon kingdom! On a journey out of time a guided tour will take us to see the majestic Royal Palace to appreciate its atmospheres that will remind us of those of Versailles, where the signs of time have only veiled the authentic charm that, renewed, we will find well in continuing in the incredible Borgo that was production of the thirst for excellence and which continue to be so. A guided tour will lead us to discover this authentic world from the silk worm to the wonders of fashion of the silk. Then we would be "slipping" to not forget that here another excellence are the Buffaloes with their unparalleled mozzarella that, if you taste hot in their serum, will become unforgettable. And we will do this in our stop foodies with a Buffalo Mozzarella tasting !!! [....]



pompei scavi campania ercolano

A journey with strong perceptions .. from violence to passion .. Vesuvius identity: from the forgotten history of the two cities crystallized by lava, Pompeii and Herculaneum to the rediscovery of the vineyards of our Tappa foodies

A forgotten story, following the eruption of 79 AD., Buried by lava for centuries that crystallized cities and daily lives, which only archaeologists have rediscovered, return to light. Two cities with two destinies: Pompeii completely buried under a layer of ash and lapilli of six to seven meters, Herculaneum, from a mud flow up to twenty-five meters high. To visit them both accompanied by the story of our guide will be to walk the broken everyday life that in Pompeii was of city life and that in Herculaneum was a holiday resort for the rich Romans .. where the villas look at the sea ... But we would definitely come out impressed and shaken from the fatalism that knew how to cast a shadow forever on the destinies of those who live at the foot of Vesuvius, it will be equally evocative to walk its slopes, the same lands where the inhabitants themselves have decided to regret the vineyards with the same vines, native vines give new life ... and it will be their obstinate success, together with all the minerality and freshness of the wines, that we will feel in a return that enthusiasm that is life cycle and ... our Foodies pit stop: it will fix every emotion! [...]



campania ercolano 

A passage from the intense flavors full of all the passion .. of Vesuvius: that rediscovered in the native vineyards that with passion have become wines to accompany the flavors of this volcanic land that we will taste in our Foodies Pit Stop

A passage in the fatal lands of Vesuvius where the strong energy and the passions originates from that link between destruction and rebirth that only the inhabitants can transfer to food, wine .. in their way of being and living .. and that will be enough to understand tasting the authenticity of those native wines that have welcomed the soul that marries those flavors well: tasting them in their perfect symbiosis will be the experience of today at a local wine producer who has been able to transform the aromas of these sulphurous lands in wines to taste in our  Foodies pit stop  with the light lunch that will accompany the guided wine tasting after the tour .. and if we had time .. moving to the slopes of the volcano vineyards and trampling on the crumbly lands,  breathing in the intensity of the smells would be unforgettable perceptions .. which would immediately bring us back to imagine Pompeii .. Herculaneum and all the power of that sea on the coast ..that here it  tastes like lemons!! [....]



campania MOZZARELLA BUFALA pompei scavi

Today will be a journey into the kingdom of the Bourbons from the views of the imposing Royal Palace of Caserta to the taste of the best excellences. Flavours of that court which, torn from history, by those true masters who .. exported them to their realms to be protagonists of our Foodies Pit stop 

Today our journey wears Fasto, that of the Bourbon kingdom! In a 5 senses journey he will make us taste the glory of the Spanish kingdom among the most powerful of the Italian peninsula. A guided tour will take us to see the majestic Royal Palace to appreciate its atmospheres that will remind us of those of Versailles where the signs of time have only veiled the authentic charm that we will well find in our foodies pit stop with a tasting in the "court" of those who saved from the history ancient flavors to make them starry dishes and will wait for us with a light lunch [...] [...]




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