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Studded with castles, villages and flavors that envelops and jealously guards the fog that makes every aromatic note vibrate beyond the musical notes of the Verdi lands .. a 5 senses journey to be experienced, to be experienced

A land full of suggestions where even the fog has the power to play the strings of the senses ... like the Verdian ones ... And if the intensification of the mists intensify the aromas of this land, with very rare and very prestigious cold cuts from Culatello di Zibello, with Salame di Felino and the famous Prosciutto to which Parmesan can be added, just because it is excellent ... the rarefaction of the same allows us to take advantage of the views of medieval fortresses, villages and castles that have always kept peoples and cultures .... together with the spirits of the ghosts that hover between the frescoes and the crenellated rooms .. intensifying their attraction and charm. The sight of the imposing square-shaped fortresses protected by battlements and surrounded by protective ditches will be the first reference to the stop and so will be for Fontellato where you can admire the magnificent rooms of the Castle of San Vitale, frescoed by Parmigianino, such as Soragna, where in the fortress still property of the noble Meli Lupi family, who in 1300 received the feudal dressing of Charles IV, where ..... hoping not to feel the spirit of Donna Cenerina who seems to present a fatal omen to those who are close to the earthly passing ... .that we could stroll through the authentic furnishings of the immense rooms ... or the Rocca Salabraganza, with its rococo room with the Apotheosis of Sebastiano Galeotti..and again the Torrechiara Castle, which it protects with its three rings of walls and from four corner towers the "grotesque" frescoes by Cesare Baglione and the extraordinary "golden room" attributed to Benedetto Bembo which tells the tender love story between Pier Maria and Bianca Pellegrini, her lover ... and why forget also .. the Castle of Montechiarugolo. with its furnished rooms, the porch and internal garden ..

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castello di felino torrechiara culatello di zibello

It will be a real sensory journey to breathe in the aromas of the Lower Padana fog ... yes!! that's exactly reason why it is this climate that gives all the softness to its precious and rare products of this land such as the Culatello and the Felino salami! But if the fog intensifies the aromas of this land, the rarefaction of the same allows us to enjoy views of fortresses, villages and medieval castles that have always kept peoples and cultures ... together with the ghost spirits that linger among the frescoes and walls.. intensifying their attraction and charm.

Yes, today it will be an experience of authentic luxury to discover true masterpieces of art and taste. A guided tour of the masterpieces of art kept within the castle walls will accompany the views of the other majestic castles that dot the hills, during our travel among the roads beaten by those black parmesan pigs, which constitute their native essence for these meats, such as that of Felino, where, after being inebriated by the historical charm of the medieval manor, we will go to the salami museum .. where to begin to understand the peculiarities of these niche salami which is called Salame here! The salami that only the gusts of these winds, in this special microclimate, can dry making it become absolute excellence as, moreover, it is true at Zibello for the Culatello, that we would understand when they will be revealed to our palate ... Today, our foodies pit stops will take us to discover two rare and very precious cold cuts: the Culatello di Zibello and the Felino salami with guided tours and tastings with light lunch   [...]

culatello di zibello


barrique chianti classico PARMIGIANO ACETO BALSAMICO

A Journey to taste the highlights of Food Valley Parmigiano cheese and Balsamic vinegar and Lambrusco wine in tour and tasting including light lunch in our Foodies pit stop


It will be an intimate journey through the salt baths of the dairy, where the enormous shapes of Parmigiano Reggiano float, to the intimacy of the barrels that are handed down in the family dynasties, personalized in the shapes for the sons, where jealous sequences of aging are the recipe to return the personal Balsamic vinegar recipe. Ennding in the bubbly Lambrusco which clearly testifies to the brilliance of these generous and hospitable people that we will get to know in each of their production environments, getting to the heart of every phase to taste the magnificent results that will surprise us on each of our foodies pit stops. Our trip will take us among the best excellences of the Food Valley between Parma and Modena, with three guided tours: a Parmigiano artisan dairy, one of the few with a closed production cycle from the farms to the dairy, a Balsamic vinegar boutique cellars where you can also visit the collections of customized balsamic vinegar and ending up in a local cellar for the wine tour dedicated to Lambrusco .. that Sangiovese that binds everything here in Emilia Romagna every foodies pit stop  today will be an occasion for the three guided tastings with a tasting light lunch.  [...]



prosciutto di parma PARMIGIANO prosciutto di parma

It will be a sensory journey through the salt baths of the dairy, where the enormous forms of Parmigiano Reggiano float, to the knowledge of the world of ham and culatello in two local quality producers that believe in the quality that is obtained by closing the production cycle from farm making to production that we will taste in our foodies pit stops

Today our journey will take us among the best excellences of the Food Valley, in the Parma countryside rich in history and culture, for tasting  a unique experience to discover everything about Parmesan and Parma Prosciutto and Culatello. A guided tour of a very famous Prosciutto maker will explain all the stages of the whole process of making different hams, their seasoning and you will visit the cellar where they mature then we will continuing to pass into the fascinating world of Parmigiano cheese making, with its ancient traditions and rules, unchanged to this day, which has probably made it the most famous cheese in the world. You will learn all the secrets and art behind the experience of these masters who firmly believe that quality is given by the natural and sustainable relationship with nature and the territory that leads them to follow the closed cycle of production from farms to production. In our foodies pit stops  we would discover the secrets, we would see the authentic lifestyle and .. above all we would taste unique flavors with a tasting of Parmesan and a Prosciutto tasting light lunch [...]

prosciutto di parma

auto d'epocapic-nicguida learn museiPARMA: CASTLES AND PROSCIUTTO BY VINTAGE CAR

prosciutto parma parma vintage castelli parmensi 

An exciting day in the charm of Parma castles aboard a vintage car to appreciate the local jewels and typical products including the amazing Prosciutto!! The beauty of the landscape, the ancient glory of the manors, the amazing taste of his prosciutto and the cheerful noise of vintage cars, what else do you need to feel excited .........?

Departure from Parma with a vintage car to a very nice excursion around the Parma Castles . The beautiful hilly landscape will accompany you to the first Rocca di Sala Baganza, of Sanvitale family, then by the Farnese family and the Bourbons. Continuing to south derection you will arrive to the Felino Castles where you can admire the exterior fortiless and if you want stop to see the Salami Museum . Then you will drive to Langhirano for visit the Prosciutto museum and learning about the famous product of Parma …and of course on the end go fast to the typical restaurant La Posta to have a nice tasting lunch . Continuing the day you will stop to visit Castello di Torrechiara It is protected by three rings of walls and by four corner towers which attest to its defensive duties, while its function as a home. Ending the day with a guided tour of the Montechiarugolo Castle . Here you will visit Garden, furnished rooms, portico and internal garden. [.....]

prosciutto di parma


parma museo del suono parma

It will be a journey in the Parma Valley on the Opera notes of Verdi and Toscanini in a "sound" itinerary, between Busseto and Parma, which will also accompany us in our foodies pit stop with lunch

And it is precisely in these lands that the spirits of the great Musicians, Verdi in Busseto and Toscanini in Parma, are transformed into opera and sound ... and here our journey begins from the humble house of Rancole, which gave birth to it , to then reach Busseto, where everything speaks of Verdi .... the visit of the Theater and the Casa Barezzi, where he studied as a young composer; the Giuseppe Verdi National Museum with inside the Villa Pallavicino and Palazzo Orlandi and the Church of S. Maria degli Angeli before reaching Villa Sant'Agata. Along the way, a stop at the small rectory of the Madonna dei Prati, where he learned the rudimentary music before our foodies pit stop to taste Verdi's beloved dishes in the old trattoria he frequented ..., contenting himself, only this time, with to see only from a distance the castles where this food are born ! Then Parma for continuing to the Toscanini museum and on the and an unique experience along the history of the Sound!!  Of course after this excursion you cannot miss the Opera if you are in the theatre season ask us the reservation !!! [...]



barrique chianti classico PARMIGIANO ACETO BALSAMICO

A journey on the red thread of luxury cars and luxury balsamic vinegar with. Balsamic vinegar tasting will be our Foodies pit stop
Today our journey will take us to the Motor Valley among the best Food excellences for a completely sensory journey from the sight of Ferrari factory collection museum, where to satisfy the sight and the vibrations, perhaps simulating driving to feel   its race sounds, until to arrive to smell the magic of the expanses of barrels in battery of one of the historic Balsamic vinegar cellars where you can follow on tour the life of a balsamic vinegar up to its "centenary madre" with the sense of smell and sight, ending with our Foodies pit stop in a wisely guided tasting accompanied by combinations of local foods that marry the  prestigious ones. But our journey  will not be complete if not with a passage to the Salume museum where you can enter the culture of the butchery of this land and a relaxing walk through the arcades of Modena to have a coffee in the Pavarotti bar and enter to breathe the theatrical atmospheres in one of the historic vintage clothing rental shops [...]

ferrara Fortezza degli Estensi




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