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Unspoiled nature protected by the Dolomites and guarded by Villages with mountain flavors and sparkling wines expressions of energetic men ... for "strong" men ... as its Spirits !!

Trentino: lands of colors and sounds, smells and taste that trace the history of man, the history of nature over millennia and how it managed to shape the territory of Trentino. A land crowned by the Dolomites that for those who do not know it sees it, introverted, without sea and without the noise of cities ... sleepy ...Well.. yes the mountain is not like the sea : the mountain is tiring, it makes you sweat, it takes your breath away and your strength, you have to live it, otherwise you can't say you've really seen it... but that's exactly why it is not asleep , it need to rest for re-charge battery to get more energy to be definitely active !!! That is why his capitals Bolzano and Trento, both beautiful as both different, are the places with the highest well-being. in their being on a human size! All around: small villages of Montagna with fragrant Malghe, firs, cheeses, dried hunts meats by slow smoking ..... Just outside: nature explosive of all its green beauty as ... the Canyon of the Horrido, The Horrid of Ponte Alto, the deep canyon excavated by the force of the water of the Fersina stream over thousands of years, with waterfalls over 40 meters high that create plays of light between the rocks... The Mount of Half-Crown Patarian plain where you reach the top with its cable car from Mezzocorona opens the beautiful panorama of the Rotarian Plain, the Adige Valley and the surrounding mountains, where paths and railways call the experts leaving all walks in the ring trails in the middle of the woods and nature. "Candelabro". or the "Confidences" Educational Path, a path where flora and fauna show full symbiosis. and continuing The Hidden Gora of Limarò Comano Terme, A Stenico, a short walk from the Baths of Comano: the canyon excavated by the water of the Sarca River where natural sculptures join the stone bridge and a calchera for the production of lime ....or even the Centa River Park Vigolana along the Central Tower, where you can admire ruins, waterfalls and gravel expanses along the ancient lanzino road (medieval road only connecting Trento and Vicenza). A path in the green and in close contact with the water of the stream to relive the history of man and how he interacted with the surrounding landscape. with the recovery of artefacts and historic buildings, witnesses of the past... and again Valley of the Rio Horse – Rosspach Alpe Cimbra, in the Rosspach cimbro dialect, is a stream with a lively stream that runs through the valley of the same name and ends its course by plunging into the river Adige. Alpe Cimbra, Castel Beseno and Vallagarina are connected by an ancient trail called the Rosspach Valley Trail, nestled in a spruce forest. The Valley of the Rio Cavallo is defined this way because of the thousand water jumps that draws the stream along its course. This characteristic has allowed man, over the years, to create sawmills, mills and plumbing workshops around us by establishing one of the main milling centers of Trentino and where the lucky ones will meet along the path. deer, roe deer or hares and, in addition to the typical colors of the spring forest, you will notice some of the characteristic elements of the geomorphological trail of Mezzomonte and the alpine forest of the Gon. Continuing the route will also meet the sixteenth-century church of Valentine's Day, the eighteenth-century village of Mezzomonte, taken over on the Beseno Castle, the cimbro farm of Ondertol and the village of Guardia.

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A journey through the charm of Val Gardena to breathe spontaneous aromas and scents from the botanical park to the typical tasting light lunch of our Foodies pit stop
 This will be a very rewarding walk, starting from the downstream station of the Seceda-cable Cafeteria direction ortisei, Val d'Anna. You cross a meadow the ascent is not difficult, and you reach the wooded ridge of the Col de Flam.On the sunny side we can take a walk until we get near the parish church of Val gardena, here we can find a multitude of Botanical attractions: Dolomite limestone and the volcanic soil of the valley characterized by different altitudes over 2000 m.Here developed a very rich alpine flora and varied in the forests there are sylvan pines, spruces, larches, pine stump or Swiss, pine juniper bushes. Along the streams of the valley possimao find maples, poplars and birches, ash and the sorbonne of the birds, the latter species is also located in the company of needles-leaves in the highest altitudes and is highlighted by the thousand flowers of the meadow, the violets are the most there are also composites, bluebells, papilionaceae,ranuncolacecee, etc....... Many species include Pulsatilla, primroses and gentians, and many species of orchids can also be found there. During our botanical journey, we can learn how versatile and precious herbs and plants are and our expert will guide you into the world of botany and with our Foodies pit stop we will taste "the good ones" , as magical ingredient of the typical Tyrolean dishes, with our light lunch [...]





castello ramez   

A journey in the style of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi on a romantic journey that takes us from the enchantment of the Castles between gardens of infinite beauty and barrels of infinite history to fix our emotions with a wine tour accompanied by local specialties in our foodies pit stop

Our experience will take us, through breathtaking views with views of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps, among the out-of-time castles of Merano. We will start from the evocative one of the thirteenth century Scene, to continue and reach the vineyards of Castello Ramez where a tour will show us the historic winery and with our Foodies pit stop we will taste the wines accompanied by local food. But if we were already fully involved in romance, the only view of the imposing Castel Trauttmansdorf, the imperial residence, will be to immerse ourselves. and here will be a follow the charm immediately from Princess Sissi!! A guided tour will take us from its gardens, a wonderful botanical garden that in a natural amphitheatre, about 12 hectares wide, gathers, in more than 80 rooms, all the gardens of the world, up in the center of Merano through the intimate path that from the manor crosses the stones of Casten Pienzenau and Castel Rubein, the Reichenbach Residence and Fontana Square, Castel Rottenstein and the Hotel Bavaria, then descend to the river and cross it on the Roman Bridge. Arriving in Merano a walk to the central street will take us to the cable car to reach the Tyrol Castel. The view of the city until you breathe the average bass of the Castle will be the right ending to return through the famous 6 km walk [...]





A wellness experience between silence and fun in the snowy woods with snowshoes to the top of Raschesa and goliardic tasting lunch Tasting with goliardic Foodies pit stop of Ladin and South Tyrol dishes in the alpine lodge

It will be a detox fun experience that will take us up to the roof of the Rascesa with snowshoes. We will arrive by cable car to the shelter at 2200 meters where we will start our guided easy hiking with ciapsole  through an easy path crossing snowed woods, off ski slopes, where only the echoes of the amused voices resonate mingled in the snow until it reaches 2281 meters where we will dominate, with the view, the valleys of Isarco Funes and gardena: the thrill of enjoying the beautiful views of the mountains of Val Venosta, the Olde, the group of Stevia, Sciliar and Sassolungo will be: miraculous!!! .. under the highest statue of Christ. definitely priceless. Upon your return, Foodies pit stop at the lodge with funny lunch to taste Ladine and South Tyrol specialties and return to the cable car. or if experienced skiers on the (red and black) slopes !!! [....]




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