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A journey into a land suspended between Gran Sasso and the Sea along the silences of the traditional farmer paths and the fun of its traditions.. . all the experiences to live

Abruzzo will be a journey through enchanted villages, ancient fortresses framed by beautiful mountain landscapes, discovering Abruzzo gold, savoring special local delicacies, not forgetting The "Costa dei Trabocchi" that alone is worth a trip: a trip: a stop suspended between sky and sea! And if our journey begins from the sea. from Pescara, gabriele D'Annunzio's hometown, where the sound of his promenade will evoke all his poetry. Ortona with the striking sandstone formations where the ruins of the Aragonese Castle rest will strengthen the echo to Fossacesia who, with its overflows, will be heard the rhymes!! Then the move inwards. where sparsely populated areas, protected oases, pristine environments return the meditation of silences as they tractor prepare their flavors. villages and laughing towns take care of their arts and traditions. and then the medieval Sulmona, famous for giving birth to Ovid and for the confetti, where the Annunziata complex, partly Gothic in Renaissance, and the adjacent church of thirteenth-century origin that completes the Romanesque cathedral of San San Panphile and the square of carmine with the Fountain of the Elder... ... and then Scanno, a medieval village battered by the recent earthquake where now only the lake of the same name, a body of water nestled in the Abruzzo mountains, a unique landscape characterized by the evocative "Gole del Sagittarius, recalls the atmosphere of other times where art of the jewelry in Watermark was worth the stop .... then the villages of the Gran Sasso National Park, a mountainous massif that shows the harshness and grandeur of the reliefs and the sweetness of the vegetation of the 'Emperor Field Plateau.' and then from St. Stefano di Sessanio, ancient domain of the Medici and today considered among the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, in Castel del Monte the fortified village located on the southern side of the Gran Sasso... and again Lanciano, "city of art, of the Miracle and of the Fairs" with its typically medieval appearance, where you can admire numerous monuments, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Bridge, the Bridge of Diocletian, the Church of St. Augustine. Visit to the Church of St. Francis, guardian of the Eucharistic Miracle considered the greatest Eucharistic Prodigy that the Catholic Church remembers........ Not forgetting the Val del Sangro, with Villa Santa Maria, a historic village nestled in the rock and home of the cooks, Borrello with its Waterfalls of the Rio Verde, the highest natural waterfalls in Italy, Roccascalegna and the medieval Castle, defensive structure built in the 11th and 12th centuries when a simple guard turret of longobarda origin was extended... Atri, the ancient Roman Hatria, which contends in Teramo for the Calanchi that form a surreal landscape, Civitella del Tronto and its fortress, last Bourbon bulwark and theater of historical resistance, to the characteristic medieval village and the stately dwellings medieval and Renaissance. and Castelli with its artisanal workshops of artistic ceramics....

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 abruzzo gran sasso abruzzo spaghetti alla chitarra 

A journey in the colors of Sulmona from those of the Cathedral crypt to those of the medieval town views from the roof to enjoy those of the confetti that we will discover even on the palate with our foodies pit stop

Today, as soon as you pass one of the access doors, we would immediately be greeted with real decorations with confetti, unimaginable if we did not walk through its historical center which, uncontaminated with respect to the passing of time, looks like a real "living room" ready to delight us, as it has done since '400, conquering writers and noblewomen with its "sweet goodies". Every type, taste, shape and color go to create artistic compositions that leave the eyes and the mouth open: real confectionery works of pastry enchant passers-by to make it impossible at least to taste them where they are born and end up to understand the value ​​through the knowdledge of special production techniques and get experience for sharing this creative art guided by expert hands: this will be the experience in one of today's foodies pit stops ...But we will not leave the city, overhung by the mountains, without having lost our gaze in the green of the trees that cover it until we find a contrast with the white snows that cover the peaks, and for this we need the further foodies pit stop that will take us from the city ​​lanes to "climb" steep stairs of one of the bourgeois palaces to reach the terrace where to delight in local flavors seasoned with red garlic to one of the most captivating views of the city and its peaks [....]



 abruzzo gran sasso abruzzo spaghetti alla chitarra 

A journey through the timeless ideal villages between traditions of shepherds, its cheeses that will delight us in our foodies pit stop , and artisanal arts in its traditional history such as tomolo

Today with our Italian lifestyle we will discover some of the best ... our first stop will be Anversa degli Abruzzi .. here admire the castle of the Counts of Sandro, built in the 12th century, and, apparently, destroyed by a fire. Along the narrow streets like the church of Maria delle Grazie with its Renaissance Portal dated 1540 and many other historical buildings! This little jem is nestled in a beautiful landscape, and our day, following the nearby Sagittarius river, that runs across a suggestive "canyon" we will reach our second stop .. the charming Scanno. Just over 2000 souls live here, yet Scanno is known for its timeless, simple beauty but also for the art of crafting the Filigree and the Tombolo (a particular art of lace technique). And today we would enter this world by visiting two different laboratories, where patience, passion, precision and skill give rise to true works of art, the Watermark jewels and the Tombolo! Then, returning to the small alleys ... paying attention, given that here women love wearing colorful clothes, you could be lucky and identify some ... we would dedicate ourselves, with a foodies pit stop, to the magnificent cheeses that with perfumes sanctioned the fruits of the harsh period of transhumance [....]




abruzzo gran sasso abruzzo spaghetti alla chitarra 

A journey through the slow living of villages that live on religious traditions and healthy food that we will taste in our foodies pit stop with tasting

And today we will discover some of its charming villages “hamlets” ... beginning with Pacentro that announces from far away with the square towers of the Castle of Cantelmo - Caldora, an ancient fortification, really well preserved, on the slopes of Monte Morrone. Built to protect the village and the Peligna valley, the castle dominates the country, and then we will stop in Pettorano sul Gizio framed by mountains and protected by the Gizio river! Continuing the day and before we discover the "city of honey" we will stop to learn more about this product ..! Ready to resume Pescina, city of honey and Silone ... Medieval jewel, destroyed by earthquakes and crossed by the river Giovenco ruled from the ruins of the castle Piccolomini a walk along its narrow alleys typical to enjoy the valley before reserving a delicious Foodies pit stop where you can appreciate not only honey but ... saffron which is dop d'Avezzano here [....]




abruzzo gran sasso abruzzo spaghetti alla chitarra 

It will be an experience trip beetwen stone's and sky : in the magic of the Gran Sasso! One of the largest parks in Italy with the richest flora in Europe with over 2,300 species surveyed.

Our first stop will be in the village of Castelli where the medieval art of the Benedictine monks in producing ceramics has become an absolute pride that will leave us simply amazed when we will enter the Chapel of San Donato, defined by Carlo Levi the Sistine Chapel of Abruzzo , the 780 decorative tiles of the ceiling,  dating back to the early 17th century,  dazzle us with reflected light before heading to the Francesco Grue Art Institute to admire the International Collection of Contemporary Ceramics and the monumental nativity scene. Continuing our journey made of sensations, we will cross the porous terrain that will push us to  imagine to be in the Scottish Highlands where the immense oaks found their ideal  habitat at the sight of the Calderone glacier, the highest peak of the Apennines. Passing campo Imperatore we would arrive at Fonte Cerreto, where the famous cable car guaranteed Mussolini's escape. And here we will appreciate the path of the sheep tracks that we retrace with a walk to appreciate all the flavors in the typical cheeses and cured meats that will be the object of our foodies pit stop to make us better the visit of jewel villages of this area. We conclude the day with an enchanting visit of the picturesque town of Castelvecchio Calvisio and Santo Stefano in Sessanio, without forgetting, our next foodies pit stop, to taste spaghetti alla chitarra , maybe with saffron that here both are absolute goodness not reproducible elsewhere !! [....]




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