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From Magna Greece to the Golden Baroque of Iblee cities..... up to Caltagirone's pottery towns... all the experiences to live it 

In the south-east triangle, one of the most beautiful areas, that of the Baroque, so to put it, from Ragusa to Syracuse and all the enchantment of the Greek Magna: from the cities Iblee to the Val di Noto!!  The landscape at the begining is quite verdant, and the carob is the master, with the many farms that look like small forts ... where it will be Donna's Castle that will be undisputed first lady!! ... near the Noto Valley,  crossing the karst plateau, it has deep gullies overtaken by daring bridges, up to Noto, the city of limestone that the powerful sun has made golden..... The Vittorio Emanuele course, with its churches, three squares, noble palaces with their sumptuous grotesque terraces, the cathedral, the municipal palace and the theater is truly a small gem.  In short, the city is absolutely a place not to be missed ! If you can, climb to the terrace of the church of St. Clare from which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the old town. Then Modica.. and its unique processing of chocolate... and again Scicli and Cava d'Ispica, one of the most evocative, both for the landscape and for the traces of human settlements that are perpetuated from the Aeolithic until the beginning of 1900. These are necropolises and dwellings, from those of the first Siculi inhabitants, to Byzantine hypogea, to Christian catacombs, to cave settlements of all ages. I mean, a big cave town. Then the Queens Ragusa, indeed Ibla, two cities in one! Modern ragusa built after earthquake (1693) and the enchanting Ibla the old city divided by the modern by a deep gully. Ibla, completely destroyed, was not abandoned, but rebuilt on the old medieval plant and precisely the combination between the baroque and the tangle of medieval streets gives the city a

  special charm. Of course you visit in piesi leaving the car at the bottom. Need good shoes (and calves...),see stairs, climbs and descents... and the steep staircase leading to St. George's Cathedral. Syracuse, called by Cicero "the largest and most beautiful of all Greek cities", a unique place of great charm that descends from the Iblei mountains on the beaches of the east coast, considered a Unesco World Heritage Site. And if its beautiful is known ... from the Greek Theatre to the island of Ortigia, from the Archaeological Museum to the beautiful golden beaches ...  the hidden side of the city, its landscapes is just as impressive... by the papyri... Avola wine!! 

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asolo asolo winery tempio canova

Today will be a journey through the colors of the Maioliche of Caltagirone, the roman's mosaics of Piazza Almerina and its flavors of excellence that we would all taste in our foodies pit stops with food tasting and wine tasting

It will be an itinerary in the hinterland of Sicily, where the rise suspends the view between time and space on the hills that stretch around. Caltagirone will welcome with its energy , orderly, and decidedly beautiful with its liberty atmosphere that integrates the Baroque where everything is alive and cared for and imbued with a sense of civic duty and love for the city where getting lost among the potters' shops will be a real pleasure: a true kaleidoscope of shapes and colors up to the unmissable climbing on the Scala that leads to Santa Maria del Monte , among the millions of majolica tiles that decorate it! Then continue along the hills that give way to the forests of nature reserves up to Piazza Almerina that will kidnap us with the Roman mosaics that made, Roman Villa Casale , the Unesco heritage that, together with walking among medieval streets remained faithful to the ancient spledori overlooking Palazzo Trigona and Aragonese Castle, they will keep us in the past and that will lead us straight also to taste it in the scents of Pagnotta di Dattino and in the Pacentino Ennese cheese that here are among the unique excellences and for this dop that we must to taste!!. So our journey will not be exhaustive if not after our stop in a wholly organic farm where everything from grain to wine closes in the production cycle , rather passing through animals, to bring us to our today's foodies pit stop [...]



papiri tempio canova 

Today's journey will be a slow slide through warm Sicily stretching from Syracuse into the Noto Valley. One magic after another will take us into the authentic charm from Ortigia to sailing in the river between the papyri with tastings and light lunches

A land that will immediately conquer us by discovering the charm of Syracuse, while even a simple coffee, served gracefully, with almond granita in its ritual calmness will seem like a cuddle to enjoy the magic of the sea, that with its sirocco, caresses the skin, and the island of Ortigia, whose golden sunsets seem eternal, to sweep away the thoughts and the friendly simplicity of its inhabitants to make you feel sacred guest in this land that has been able to harmonize all salt, sun, history and foodIt will be the enchanting navigation among the papyruses to bring us back to dry land, ready to enchant us again when we arrive in Noto, the amazing baroque town where glimpses and buildings of rare beauty, such as that of the government or the bishopric, pass from the gold of the sunset to the silver of the moon adding magic to the cherubs, moors and winged horses who will appear here and there o [....]



asolo winery tempio canova 

It will be an itinerary in the warm colors and flavors of Sicilian baroque that from the ocher of Ragusa will lead us to the brown, I would say black, of Modica chocolate, along the Iblee cities; and we will do many tasting to taste any villages!!

It will be the walk in the two souls of Ragusa, which connects the two cities, to make us appreciate the whole, going down the "stairs" that from the high, modern, will take us to the lower part of the city, making us admire unforgettable postcard views up to get to the Ibleo garden from where you can enjoy the spectacular balcony on the valley that we will explore. Although we could not move until after having delighted at least a cannolo or a arancino to anticipate the flavors of this land, flavors that will accompany our whole day with different foodies pit stops with unmissble tastings in any villages that we will visit to mark the Italian times of food and every stop our journey! So our journey will continue to the imposing Castle of Donnafugata, whose medieval architecture will serve only to deceive us because, the manor, arose to amaze its guests by hiding, inside, one of the baroque and neoclassical mansions most beautiful of all Sicily, with large ballrooms and rich decorations where, visiting some of the 120 rooms that together with the Maze, will lead us to the grandeur of a long past that we would continue to breathe in the cellars with our second Foodies pit stop and it will be the wine tour that will end with the wines tasting, which here are excellence, before despairing among the enchanting villages of Scicli and Modica. The two gems that will present us the late Sicilian Baroque, in what will be the passage from the pearl of rare beauty of Scicli that will enchant us with that natural harmony between space and lights, where the ochre will vibrate on the noble palaces veering on the gold typical of the baroque , to the famous Modica that you will admire what is the most picturesque example: the Cathedral of St. George, impressing us every color, up to the dark brown of chocolate. and with our latest Foodies pit stop that will take us to discover its secrets with a tour and tasting from one of the renowned chocolatier masters, in a bland of aromas and spices that we will hardly forget! [....]




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