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Between Messina and Catania .. north-eastern Sicily which merges the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian from the Aeolian islands to the Greek vestiges .. under the eye of the "good volcano": Etna .. all the experiences to live it

A journey through the treasures of nature, culture, preserved history of northeastern Sicily, the one that was most "Greek landing", which that has left the many beauties of this land , what it was ancient Trinacria. And Messina, the city that almost kisses Calabria, with its small strait between Ionian and Tyrrhenian, and which, founded already by the Greek Messeni in 756 BC was already the capital of the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, has always been the scene of severe devastation from Spanoli attacks and Earthquakes managing to protect its treasures : Norman churches and works of great value ... then Milazzo with its beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea from which the views become fantastic reaching even with just a glance the Aeolian Islands, perhaps the most beautiful Sicilian islands... So many islands, all different from each other and all to see. where landscapes, seaside villages, wild rocks, pumice or lava beaches become ingredients of pure taste ... But it will be the get down on the Ionio coast that will balance just as much beauty with its nearby jewel villages ... the nearby Tindari with the excavations and the spectacular Oliveri Lagoon, Taormina and the Naxos Gardens... with its Greek theater and its Bella Island beach.... not forgetting the small canyons of the Alcantara Gorges ... until Catania, that like a Phoenix, knows how to rise from his ashes... his Etna. Without a shadow of a doubt its history, studded with falls and resurrections. Founded by Greek people under the name Katane (K-V) in 729 BC, destroyed and rebuilt almost from scratch, rising every time more beautiful, as engraved on the lava stone of the Garibaldi Gate: "Melior de cinere surgo", translatable pressapoco with "I Reborn more beautiful from my ashes." To walk Catania, it in what are its seven souls, will mean rediscovering it from the underground that will reveal its unique trim, a layering in different geological levels that seem to have immortalized over time the different ages of Catania. Like a photo album that tells the story of a woman's life. A woman always beautiful thanks to the unparalleled charm! It will be a journey through the hidden treasures of an immortal city because it is almost insensitive to death. We will pass among his ghosts, his angels and his demons: the Roman vestiges, from the Roman Greek Theatre to the catatombres and his obituals; 18th-century palaces; the basilicas and sacred places linked to the dawn of Christianity and to the worship of the holy patrons of the Ethnic, Agaus and Euplio, the hidden and now revealed neighborhoods; houses, streets, missing courtyards; always guarded by the flow of the river – also underground – Amenano who, silently, crosses the city from his belly, to gush into the beautiful fountain known as Acqua o'linzolu, near Piazza Duomo. We will come out convinced that despite all Mount Etna is a "good volcano" and we would be fatally attracted without being disappointed:  among craters, mountains, caves, valleys, completely immersed in a suggestive and wild scenario where its ridges know how to express the better in flavors, from its wines to its black meats of the Nebrodi, in the people and in the "black villages", real gems of black earth.... lava,  like Randazzo, Zafferana Etnea.... until Enna, who from inlande and from her fair altitude .. quite..  it balance the "hot spirits" 

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asolo winery tempio canova 

It will be an itinerary between earth, indeed underground, and moon or anyway craters just below the sky to be fascinated by that volcano that guards Catana: Etna! 

The sun is said to kiss the beautiful, and Catania is one of the "hottest loved by sun" in Sicily. And if it is true that thinking of Catania, it will be spontaneous for us to think of the Sun, the Sea and the warm welcome of its people, we would like to discover the reflected beauty of its soul where the sun does not always arrive ... for this reason we will go down in his belly to visit the underground city of Catania and then in the craters of his volcano! A guided tour of Catania among the hidden treasures of an immortal city because almost insensitive to death: from the Roman remains, from the Greek Roman Theater to the catatombs and its necropiles; the eighteenth-century buildings .. up to the neighborhoods hidden in its bowels nowday revealed .. We will come out convinced that despite all Etna is a "good volcano" and we would be fatally attracted to it, and for this we will go up. So a fist foodies pit stop with typical street food before continuing the journey of the Cyclops riviera, with the open view of the sea and its Faraglioni that will take us to the slopes of the volcano where the cable car starts to lead us to the craters, only after a stop to admire at least the Norman castle by Acicastello! Then back from the volcano, bewildered by having "walked on the moon", we cannot miss the opportunity to stop to explore Acireale and admire its Baroque masterpieces, on a pleasant walk to enjoy one of the delicious takaway fish dishes with a glass of Etna Bianco wine as our second foodies pit stop [...]





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