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Calabria, a land of free and wild beauty that wants to be loved .... secret and solitary as it is.... all the experiences to live it 

Calabria is a powerful land ....  wild magnetism: from the coasts, where the colors and scents are as intense as the flavors made spicy like hot chili or bitter like bergamot, to the heremits monasteries  where the strong spirituality equals the paths to reach them or like the villages that pride themselves, like its population, and they stand proud  entrenched and unspoiled,  enclosed in customs and traditions: a land difficult to understand how beautiful to visit in the soul and with the palate through all its flavors:  from the crystal clear sea, to the unspoiled countryside, to the mountains and lakes of Sila and Pollino.

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ACERENZA VISTA cascate marmarico 

Today it will be suggestion after another that will take us from the Byzantine monastery of St. John Theristi to Bivongi, then to the abbey of Cattolica di Stilo ending up in the hermitage of Monte Stella in Pazzano where our foodies pit stop with lunch will fix all the emotions of the day 

The evocative journey leads us to follow in the footsteps of the Greek monks who left Greece, where every sacred image was destroyed, finding in this part of Calabria, already Byzantine, an ideal place for meditation. And if first of all it will be the hiking naturalistic path with its waterfalls and the spas of Guida to prepare our mood, then it will be the villages of Stilo, with its courtyards and portals of the picturesque village, between the labyrinth of narrow streets and stairs and ladders smell of bread , macaroons and torroni to push us to our foodies stage with tasting lunch ... and here how not to taste "Tordi and garlands stuffed with green olives ?? , accompanied by a glass of red Bivonci that here and doc.... before leaving for the monastery of St. John Theresti, unique in his Greek Orthodox style!! So we would be ready to reach the last of the villages and its Hermitage... the bristling road will already present us all the suggestion with its  panorama overlooking the mountains that dominate to the sea, but it will be the natural cave that opens in the rock of Mount Stella that will make us literally jolt ... the long staircase of 62 high steps will be the penalty that we will gladly atone for being welcomed by Our Lady of the Star who protects the adjacent Hermitage!!  [...]

eremo di santa maria della stella



squillace tropea 

A journey that tastes of sea, history and myth in that part of Calabria that overlooking towards the wild Catanzaro with the visit of Squillace and the archaeological park of Roccella and our foodies pit stops with food tasting and tasting light lunch

Today breathing the beauty of the Ionic coast we will  arrive at the Roman village of Squillace where the walk of the village will show us precious portals of stone worked, acefala statues of the Roman era and ancient and famous waxy workshops, where the only entrance will be worth the breathe the emphasis of the artisans in describing the meticulous details that enrich the colors and the finesse of the porpore used . A visit to the cathedral, a true jewel of the High Middle Ages, and a first foodies  pit stop will be inevitable if not anything else to taste the typical sweets of this Mediterranean land.Then the descent to the sea where, among the olive trees, opens a real artistic and cultural treasure, called "Parco Scolacium" of Roccelletta. The archaeological park is presented in all its beauty: walking from the forum, crossed by the decuman and dominated by the capitolium, towards the theater and the necropolis, you reach the hill of the amphitheater. Where future excavations also promise the discovery of other works of art. In addition to those that already enrich the existing rich museum. Refined sculptures such as the statue of Fortune, the Genius of Augustus, and a rare example of Germanicus, the adopted son of Emperor Tiberius. Finally a walk along the seafront to appreciate all the colors and flavors of our last foodies pit stop [...]




tropea tropea 

Today are experience is discover the Tyrrhenian coast highlights with two medieval villages: Pizzo Calabro and Tropea for discovering its foods , that here are the identity,  in our foodies pit stop with food tastings balancing the views of crystal clear waters and fortresses

Our journey will be 5 senses starting from the picturesque villages of Pizzo Calabro, on the headland of tuff on which the Castle Angiono and the church of Pedigrotta stand out for visiting its narrow and characteristic alleys, admiring here and the different architectural styles will lead us to the central square that with its balcony that shows the wind rose, that it pushes us to the sight of one of the magnificent panoramas before "literally drowning" in the his truffle ice cream ... where the sinking of the cucchiano will bring out the dense dark chocolate that fills it !!!!! This will be just the first of our foodies pit stops that will take us from the sweetest to the most spicy ... until the spicy liqueur in a whirlwind of unmatched persistence aromas ..Continuing it will be the turn of the villages of Tropea with its crystal clear sea to kidnap us. .. but are you ready for strong flavors ?? then all that remains is to go and visit one of the historic butchers .. discover its secrets and then taste all its vigor .. only then we will can walk in the historic center,  that protected to the north by the rock of S. Maria dell'Isola, protector of the city , opens with all its shops and restaurants dug directly into the sandstone rocks and which develop on the medieval fortress, the circular rock that overlooks the turquoise sea !! The delightful walk will show us noblemen from the majestic portals and coats of arms that identify the families of the old local aristocracy, Ancient Palaces and Ancient Churches, to the Cathedral up to the shopping street ... where, however the tourist flavor , we should absolutely stop at “Caffo Liquorificio ”(Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Liquorice) for the last of the foodies pit stop !!! [...]




A journey to discover the heart of Magnagrecia, the place where men from Greece arrived making  these lands Gold, precisely Magna more powerful than Greece mother!! From Crotone to Cape Rizzuto to discover its history where archaeology meets cheeses and bread with tastings in our foodies pit stop 

It will be the terrace of the city, the coastline promenade of kroton to portray the natural spectacle created by the sun, both when it arises and when it sets, and anticipating the beauty where the archaeological park of Capo Colonna join the natural reserve of Capo Rizzuto. A natural sea riserve that include the town of Isola Capo Rizzuto, with its splendid beaches surrounding the islet on which you can admire the fortress of Le Castella. We will start by visiting the Torre Nao Archaeological Area, which contains an Antiquarium with finds from the depths of the area to arrive at Isola di Capo Rizzuto, covering what are the 15 thousand hectares of coast of the reserve, where from the twenty tub, of the Aquarium, and  aboard boats with transparent bottoms, we would admire the splendid backdrops of the  Protected Marine Area of ​​Capo Rizzuto . And then , as at the starting we would not hesitate to skip the village Le Castella, bringing us back to the Aragonese period .... and it will be a real joy for the eyes to see this fortress, presumably built in the 13th century. for defensive purposes, which outlines its irregular shaped plant in the criastalline waters of the islet on which it rests,  just a few steps from the shore. As well as, if even also for the first Greeks these lands was gold, for the generosity of its fruits and for this identified as a true paradise to satisfy their palates, we can try the same to really discover this land and for this reason within our journey in Magnagrecia we will cut out the times for  our foodies pit stops! We will lead to discovering those unique and unmissable flavors of these lands , from bread to first courses, from second courses to processed vegetables, from wines to desserts, from savory to spicy and ... to cheeses! ! And if one of the foodies pit stops will be a local dairy .. the other we leave it to taste the hard grains that here are processed from Pane ai Cavatelli,  delicious pasta gnocchetti,  that gladly accompany the spicy long sausages !!!! [...]




caccuri ampollino lago 

It will be a journey to an isolated land, discovering the strong and determined face of Calabria in the silences of the Sila well protected by the castles and fortresses of the middle bass that dominate the peaks and that we will visit and tasting its typical products with our stages foodies pit stops  before having fun at the lake 

Our experience today will start right from Santa Severina where immediately stands out, with its shoe shape, the Castle that preserves all the charm of the small old town, in addition to the frescoes that together with the mazes will make us appreciate the Visit. And if it's not time to taste the pasta "chjna", i.e. the baked rigatoni stuffed with cheese, provola and sausage , we will certainly not miss a first foodies pit stop to at least not miss to taste "the orangeru", the characteristic orange Saint-Eys. Then continue visiting that of Caccuri with its ghosts before continuing through the woods to Lake Ampollino. The reeds and water lilies make us immediately understand the health of these waters where, a rich fish fauna proliferates to become local gastronomic excellence that, we will not fail to taste in our foodies pit stop with lunch, before devoting to a fun crossed in a dinghy and a chairlift ride to appreciate all the beauty .... Even though...  we won't be able to see the huge water jump of almost 500 meters generating energy. but maybe we will picture the sound in this rejuvenating silence!! [...]





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