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2012 FEB

volevo ringraziare la vostra ospitalità e la speciale simpatia!
Abbiamo vissuto momenti molto gradevoli insieme al Grande Chef Claudio!!!! che rimarranno tra i nostri migliori ricordi!
I ragazzi brasiliani salutano calorosamente e Ricardo attente la "convocazione per la prossima stagione"!!!
Ana, Fernando, Ricardo, Andrea e Natalia


2012 FEB

Hi Sabrina,
Thank you (and Claudio and Simon and all) for your warm hospitality! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and have been telling our friends about it! We've been home for 2 weeks now and we miss Claudio's cooking baaadly!!!! We definitely hope to come back to Tuscany again =)
I've attached some pictures taken with you and hope you remember us when we come to Tuscany in future!
Thanks again for all your help !!


2011  DEC

Dear Sabrina,
Thank you again for all of your help and generosity this past week.  You have made our vacation stress free and full of fun activities and tours.  We greatly appreciate all of your travel and cruise research.  You don't find many people as generous and willing to help others like you and Chef Claudio.  We truly had an amazing holiday at Torre Guelfa with you guys.  Thank you for welcoming us in and taking care of our every need.  We look forward to returning in a few years!  Take care and keep up the great work!  
Leia and Will
Fayetteville, Arkansas


2010 NOV 25TH

Pam and I would like to thank you for the wonderful vacation you have organized for us.  We are off to Venice this morning and we are taking with us wonderful memories of Tuscany and its people.
Nicola showed us a lot of dishes, we certainly have good ideas about what to serve back home when we organize a Tuscan dinner.  He took the time with us and he is a very good teacher/cook.
Claudio was a fantastic and entertaining chauffer (Pam did not hold on to the arm rest as he was driving us in the twisty roads of Tuscany).  WE appreciate his explanations and knowledge of the area.
Giuseppe gave us good explanations about the wine and his mother’s cooking was very good.  I was telling Claudio to let Giuseppe know that we were not  that hungry after the cooking lesson with Nicola but we changed our minds as soon as the dishes were in front of us.  Good dinner. Giuseppe gave us the book with Claudio`s recipes.
Patrizia was also a wonderful host.  It is amazing the enterprise that she is managing.  Many things going on in her farm.
Il Burchio was also a pleasant setting to rest after our very busy days.  Quiet, comfortable and the staff vey attentive.
And let’s not forget the “simple” lunch you so kindly prepared with us.  We enjoyed it and your company.
So off to Venice.  Let’s see if we need to buy rubber boots there J as Claudio warned us
Many thanks and we will certainly recommend your services to any of our friends coming this way.
José Miguel&Pam

texas flag

2010 OCT 26TH

Good morning Sabrina,
We arrived home yesterday afternoon and have so many incredible memories of our holiday in Italy.One of our hi lights was the incredible cooking class and dinner at your fabulous restaurant.  We are so impressed with Claudio's cooking and wonderful teachings.  The welcome we received from you was so delightful and we will highly recommend your place to friends and family visiting the area.Also please thank Juakind from Egypt our fabulous waiter.  He was so entertaining and very skilled.
Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you. My husband is Mack and our friends are Bruce (the big guy) and Susan  

2010 SEP 29TH

Hi Sabrina,
I’m writing you to tell you and especially to Claudio a lot of thanks for those unforgettable hours we spent on your kitchen and hospitality . All our trip went in right direction after this knowledge in food what Claudio gave us. We knew what execatelly to eat and what else to test in wide range of Italian cooking….........Thanks again!!!!
Best regards

2010 SEP 27TH 

Sabrina cara.-
Grazie tanti per tuti, like always we had a great vacation and the great company
of you and Claudio, it was great too to see Luca again after a few years .
We enjoyed very much Stresa and the excursions and the 2nd part of the
trip in Toscana was beautiful as always. We are enjoying the Toma cheeses
be bought in Macugnaga as well as the Pienza cheeses, your tomatos were
great as well as the bouquet of herbs from your garden which we are still enjoying.-

2010 SEP 15TH 

Firstly, let us thank you and especially Chef Claudio for the wonderful time we had.  Sandra and I enjoyed ourselves.  Special thanks to you for driving us to and from our villa. When it is convenient, could you please send us the recipes for the dishes Chef Claudio taught us.  If possible, could you also share with us the recipe for the Wild Boar Stew - it was delicious !!
Our best wishes to Chef Claudio and yourself.
Best Regards.
Charles J. Samuel
Thanks again! Karen and I had a fabulous time !


....E grazie di tutto, e' stata un week end fantastico.

2010 SEP 18TH

Hi Sabrina.  We are back and without much trouble other than some delays leaving Rome.
Sonya and I want to thank you so much for a wonderful visit.  You and Claudio are so good to us and it is one of the best vacations I have ever had. 
I have been cooking several of Claudio's recipes including making pasta three times since I have been back.  Also, the roast chicken and today some of the meat sauce we made for the lasagna.  And the sauce pomodoro also.  And once ravioli.  This way of making pasta tastes so good!
Here are some pictures for proof!  Please show to Claudio and give him my best.
All the best and thanks again.  We hope to see you next year.
Hank and Sonya


2010 AUG 16TH

Hello Sabrina
We have arrived back home after a wonderful stay in Italia.
Can you email me a few of the recipes we worked on if you have them handy? To remind you we made creme caramel, zucchini souffle, fresh pasta, and tuscan beef stew.
Thank you again for your hospitality. Please tell Claudio his cooking lesson and the dinner following was the highlight of our trip.

olanda flags

2010 AUG 2ND

Thank you very much for Claudio’s recopies, I will make use of them as well as I
Intend to come back to your place and follow a cooking course.


2010 JUL 20TH

Sabrina, Please tell Claudio that I made gnocchi last night with his recipe for my parents and they came out perfecto. We still talk about our wonderful stay with you and can't wait to return. Once again, thank you


california flag

2010 JUN 20TH

Hello Sabrina!
I took a cooking class with Chef Claudio in June and it was fantastic! I received recipes from the office which seemed like they included all of the recipes for his classes. However, a few of the things that I made were not included and I would love to get those recipes. They are: Fava bean soup with beef broth,Biscotti,Diavola sauce for the homemade ravioli If you could send those to me, I would be most appreciative.
Also, I would love to leave a comment on your website so that other travelers will be excited to take a cooking class as it was one of the highlights of my trip!


2010 JUN 29TH

Hello Sabrina, just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful kindness in looking after everything for Sophie.  She had a wonderful trip and great experience with you.  She said you were so nice and everything turned out great.  It was certainly a trip of a lifetime for her!
All the best


2010 JUN 24TH

Thank you so much to you and Claudio and Marcello!  We all had so much during our day with you and Marcello was so kind to return the back pack.
We learned so much from Claudio and then very much enjoyed eating the fruits of our labor.
It was a wonderful day – little Tommy said it was the best part of our trip to Italy and I have to agree with him!
With love,

2010 JUN 19TH

Hello Sabrina and Claudio,
last thursday the lucky break gave us the chance, to stay overnight by you and we enjoyed the excellent dinner. This experience was the highlight of our vacation. We told our friends from your lovely home and we get exited to come back in august.
Thank you very much indeed and king regards to you and your staff.
Bärbel, Enya and Peter 

2010 JUL 05Th

Caludio, Sabrina and Juaid,
This is Teddy and Billy .  We wanted to tell you that our two nights with you at dinner and the cooking class was the absolute highlight of our travels to both France and Rome.  We will NEVER forget our time with you and how much we learned in such a short period of time.  Your hospitality and passion motivated both Teddy and I to come home and begin cooking everything you have in your cookbook.  We have already had guests over for the eggplant, etc. and they absolutely loved it.  The only thing we didn't have was the GREAT wine you served us.Again, we absolutely loved both dinners and the classes and have already recommended our friends coming to Tuscany .
Ciao, and your friends forever in America,
Teddy and Billy

Cara Sabrina,

A conclusione della 2 giorni figlinese, vorrei ringraziare te, Claudio e tutto lo staff per l'ottimo trattamento e servizio che sei riuscita ad offrirci. A dire il vero non avevo nessun dubbio in proposito, ma oltre al mio grazie personale e ai miei complimenti, volevo aggiungerti quello di tutti i convegnisti


2010 MAY 25TH

My mother and I enjoyed a 3 day cooking vacation with Chef Claudio on May 25-27th, it was wonderful and we thank you for hosting us! 
Carissima Sabrina,
    ci siamo rientrati in casa dopo la tourné ben riuscita.Vorrei ringraziarti ancor una volta l’ospitalitá meravigliosa e la tua assoluta cura verso di noi. La bellezza perfetta della tua casa e dell’ambiente e poi la tua cura per noi sí che ci rimarrá indimenticabile.
   Per la prossima volta ritorneremo la primavera e poi l’estate, prima di cui ti scriveró in tempo.    Finora ti auguro delle bellissime mesi estivi e un lavoro
proficuo  pieno di successi
Dear Chef Claudio and Sabrina and Daniele,
My sister Cindy and I had such a wonderful time at Relais Torre Guelfa in early March.  Thanks to all three of you for making our experience so enjoyable, for welcoming us with such warmth to your home, and for giving us memories we'll treasure always.  For the benefit of our family and friends I have built a website with pictures of our stay with you as well as pictures of the rest of our vacation in Italy.  Again, thank you so much for a wonderful vacation experience.
Sabrina and Claudio,
Grazie! Grazie! Grazie!  We had a wonderful time in Florence and we couldn't have done it without you.  Sabrina we are happy that we finally had the opportunity to meet you and to once again visit with Claudio at your beautiful restaurant in Figline.   Everything was perfect.  The meal was very delicious...from the antipasti to the ragu pasta to the steak on a stone...it was all so good.   The dessert was out of this world.  We definitely did not go back to the cruise hungry!  Of course, enjoying the meal with a bottle of Guiseppe's wine just added to the pleasure of the day.  Our guide in Florence, Katrina, was very good.  We appreciated her passion for the history and arts of Florence.  She met our needs as tourists very well.  Myriam had the toughest job of driving us all over the place.  I think we may have wore her out with all the driving she had to do, fromLivorno to Florence, to the countryside, to Guiseppe's vineyard to your restaurant and back to Livorno.  She seemed a little tired when she was driving us back to Livorno.  We hope she made it back safely.  We had a lovely day.
The rest of our trip went well also, but visiting with you was a highlight.  Now we have many beautiful memories of our time in Italy.
Thank you again for arranging such a wonderful time in Florence and the countryside.
Lorraine and Jim
hello sabrina,
how arw you? and your brather kludio, i hope you are well, we hear about the earthquake in italy and im thinking of you,
give my best regards
We had cooking classes with Chef Claudio several years ago through International Kitchen.  It was a wonderful experience and one of our travel highlights.  John cooks the Balsamic Steak and several of the pasta dishes on a regular basis.
We have made the Tiramisu several times but always struggle with what to substitute for the white vermouth.  Claudio said we should use a white sweet vermouth which we cannot get in the United States.  The sweet vermouth is red her in the USA.  What would he suggest for us to substitute?  I used a white dry vermouth (Italian) today  but I’m afraid I am going to be disappointed with the results. 
Charlotte and John
Hello Sabrina~
Thank you for responding, and its great to hear from you. I appreciate you helping determine our choice of wedding
Hello Sabrina,
My friend and I, (Susan ) just finished a week with Chef Claudio in cooking school.  It was a wonderful experience!  Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you.
Dear Sabrina and Claudio,
We hope you have hade nice holidays and good end of the year.
Maybe a tripp to Canada?For us It`s time to plan another trip to Tuscany in end of april
and i wonder if it is possible to have one of your appriciated coockingclasses
Sabrina, On Saturday, September 23rd my wife, Diane, and I took a morning cooking class from Chef Claudio. It was the highlight of our two week trip to Italy. We've told and retold our friends the story of working in his kitchen helping make the mid-day meal for the resturant.
Doug & Diane
Ciao Sabrina,
Grazie ancora di tutto. E stato (il soggiorno) fantastico, e tu sei stata ancora meglio.
warmest wishes
texas flag

Hi Sabrina! 
you were just amazing and really made our trip so memorable.Thanks Sabrina!!

Claudio and Sabrina ,  Pam and I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had during our stay at Relais Torre Guelfa.  You were all wonderful hosts and made us all feel very welcome.   The rest of my family are now enjoying the recipes that we learned during our stay.  It will be a trip we will always remember.   Caryn

We are still enjoying italy. We went to Northern Italy and It was really nice, and the lake Orta - wow!! beautiful.  You can let claudio know that his was the best food we have tasted on this trip! Thank you for the wonderful time we both really enjoyed it and will come back again and recommend you.
Connie & Nola
I miss you all so much.  The experience was absolutely wonderful.  If you ever come to the US, I would love to have you and Claudio as my guests.
Greetings Claudio and Sabrina!
We have been home for several weeks now, and I am still thinking about Italy and the wonderful trip my mother and I had there. We had such a great time and loved your beautiful inn and all the amazing foods.
You are both such kind, friendly people - it was delightful to be there with you.
I have several photos to share with you, but they are all very large (take up a lot of memory on the computer) and so I will only send a few and I will send them one at a time (in separate emails). I hope you like them.
I miss you!
Dear Sabrina,
Many thanks
Thank you for the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes. 
I and my husband & I stayed with you in June 2007.  Nicoli came to our villa to cook dinner and it was fabulous.  Claudio is an excellent teaching chef and I was wondering to return 
Thank you,
Chef Claudio,
We would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter.
My son Scott, friend Trish and I enjoyed our cooking vacation with you 2 years ago.  We have such wonderful memories of a time spent enjoying your world.  We look forward to visiting again.
Arizona flag
Dear Sabrina:  Buon giorno!  Lauri and I had such a wonderful time at the cooking school!  Chef Claudio was so talented and so patient.  Sabrina, you saved my life with the scotch at the restaurant that night!  Thank you.  Again, thank you and best wishes,
Ciao  a tutti!  ( Sabrina)
  ho fatto un buon viaggio  a casa.  Lavoro  aspetta per me!   Ho avuto un bellisimo esperienza  con  voi tutti.  I miei amici e mia familia si piacionno i photo.  Spero che
possa fare  le copie  presto,    le spedero'  .   Quando  tornero' in Italia  devo andare a Filgine  ancora! 
Grazie  mille,
Hi there!
Saw a chef on TV today cooking Ribolitta, and it reminded
me to ask you to send recipes from our cooking class last Saturday..
when you get a chance.
Everyone said it was the highlight of the trip, so I thank
you and Chef Claudio VERY MUCH!
We hope you are doing well in Italy and enjoying the beautiful Tuscan weather.  Julie and I had such a great time with you at our Cooking Class and we just want to take a minute and say "Thank You" for spending the evening with us.  The food, wine, and garden tour were all amazing.  We can say enough godd things about the evening, it was certainly a highlight of our trip.
And as I mentioned, please make sure you let us know next time you will be in Virginia and we will come visit!
Thanks again,
Julie and Matt
Sabrina, thank you again for all of your help.  I really appreciate you and your patience with me.  We'll be waiting for you to come visit and stay with us whenever you can make your way to Tucson.  You and your family are more than welcome at any time.
Thanks for everything. We had a great trip and you were a big part of it!
Mary Anne, Tom, Tommy and Katie
Dear Sabrina,
I just wanted to first thank you again for  your warm hospitality, it was truly a wonderful experience,  please tell Claudio I already made Biscotti and the Mussels, fantastico!! Thank you so much,
Warm regards,
I was one of six people from the United States who toured Umbria and Tuscany May 25-29. The purpose of this note is to let you know that we thought Sergio was outstanding. He was professional, knowledgeable, personable, very accommodating and very good with the English language. We had a great time with Sergio, learned a lot and enjoyed being with him. We had other good drivers while in Italy but Sergio is at the top. I personally was very pleased with his attention to great photo opportunities, his knowledge of Italian wines and his initiative in visiting some of the less publicized spots. These areas of expertise might be possible marketing opportunities for your company. At any rate would you please thank Sergio for us and let him know how much we appreciated his efforts on our behalf. Thank you. Sincerely John
Dear Sabrina, Claudio and all your staff.
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I hope all of you are well.  I look at my photographs and see each of your faces with such fond memmories.
God Bless

Ciao Sabrina,Thank you . I'm very excited to return to Torre Guelfa .


......Sabrina and her staff at Torre Guelfa and in Figline Valdarno were magnificent!!! 
They would do anything to accommodate us and make our trip to Tuscany memorable. 
Sergio, our driver and guide, showed us the spirit of the area in the most delightful way. 
Claudio, the chef at Torre Guelfa, prepared a feast like none we have ever had.  
I truly cannot express how the welcoming warmth extended to us
 by everyone we came into contact lifted our travels beyond anything we had expected or could have hoped for!
Ciao Claudio and Sabrina,
... Your tiramisu is still Numero Uno when I make it at the holidays. Hermine and Andy
Dear Sabrina,
Queensland, Australia. Greetings from sunny Thank you for your Christmas wishes! Merry Christmas to all at Torre Guelfa in beautiful Figline
The time we spent with you all and Chef Claudio always bring back pleasant memories.We still practise our cooking, using the recipes we used in your beautiful establishment.We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you a very prosperous New Year.
Best wishes
David and Jan 
Cara Sabrina,
grazie di tutto e Buona pasqua
Barry & I really enjoyed our visit to Torre Guelfa and meeting you.  The Relais is very nice and of course dinner by the pool was spectacular.  We will definitely recommend the Relais and ristorante to our friends.  We enjoyed meeting you and talking with you over breakfast and seeing Claudio again.  Also, thank you very much for arranging dinner at our villa.  Nicolai was wonderful!  He is a very accomplished chef and a mature young man at only 20 years old.  Everyone really enjoyed the food and meeting Nicolai.  He was very nice and let me and my cousin assist him with the cooking.  Tell him again that we really enjoyed everything. 
Debbie & Barry
The Ottawa Soul Sisters have returned from a fabulous 14 day holiday to Italy - 
All of our services were there when expected and there were no surprises.  Sabrina, Claudio and Barbara at Torre Guelfa were superb hosts who made every day memorable.
Dear Sabrina
Thank you very much for this. As I said on the phone everything was wonderful - the food, the service and the decoration so thank you very much. We will certainly recommend you to others and if we ever do have another party where we would like catering will definitely come back to you.
In the mean time I hope we will see you at the restaurant when we are in Italy again.
Best regards Ann
Chef Claudio and Sabrina 
Thank you for the wonderful week I spent at the cooking school.  The 10 kilos I gained was well worth it.  It was a wonderful experience, one which I will never forget.
Miss y'all

virginia flag


Hello Sabrina,
What a wonderful time we had with Claudio and Giuseppe in Virginia! 
Everyone loved the Tuscan wine dinner and several people from River Creek Club are interested in visiting Torre Guelfa.  
.....  Our personal experience has convinced us that this is
truly a great holiday/vacation experience.

colorado flag


Hi Claudio
I hope you are doing well. I remember Sundly my time cooking with you this summer 
Best from our family to yours

Stephanie, Craig,Robert and Christian

Dear Sabrina,
Thanks so much for your continued assistance - it is all very much appreciated!  I especially appreciate your responsiveness, and if our plans change 

illinois flag

I'd love to tell you that my and my fiends recent experiance with Claudiowas excellent.
 We simply had the most marvelous time with he and his staff and family. 
I dare say, he couldn't have been more giving of himself as a host,teacher, chef.
... and/or more passionate,certainly in sharing his knowledge in every area concerne food and wine. 
He was truly so gracious with his time and energies.
As you may guess, I'm throroughly pleased with this trip and experiance and would do this trip again without hesitation. 
I have absolutely nothing to report or reply to in a negative or critical fashion. 
I only speak volumes of praise about this experiance.
I thank your Travel Agency and staff for their effors involved with this tour and package!!
....... I hope to return with my daufhter next year. Please accept my thanks you's on all levels
Very Very sincerely 
Linda, Thomas Frazer 
Sabrina,We had a fabulous day with Claudio and the food was delicious! However, we are very sad because we left our recipes at the restaurant at the table.Thank you so much!!The day was perfect!

I wanted to write to tell you what a great trip we had in Figline Valdarno. Claudio and his sister Sabrina are wonderful hosts, and the experience, instruction, and dining surpassed our highest expectations. Claudio is a truly gifted chef and restaurateur, and Sabrina helped us plan fun road trips throughout the region when we weren't at the restaurant. We have amazed our friends with the dishes we learned to make. We're already thinking about a return trip in Summer 2006.Thank you to you and the Piantinis for a fantastic vacation.Ciao,Erik

We are having a fantastic time -everyone very hospitable - you were correct in saying that it is like staying in someones home.  One thing that we forgot to ask you is what is customary in terms of tipping our tour guide and our chef/instructor?  It is just the 2 of us cooking w/claudio's assistant Nicola (who has been wonderful).
Dear Chef Claudio--
Jennifer and i want to thank you so much for making our 'cooking in tuscany' experience a wonderful one. We had a great time learning to cook
(better) with you. You are a fabulous teacher! We made fried sage leaves for our friends and they were amazed at the flavor.
Carolyn  and Jennifer
I attended cooking school there last week and had the most wonderful experience!!!!  I failed to get the name of the olive oil in the big green can that Claudio was using for all of his recipes that he made.  Would you be so kind as to give me the details on the olive oil and would you know if I can purchase it in the United States?  If I cannot purchase it in the US, can I have it shipped from Italy??
Thank you so much and please give my regards to Claudio and my thanks to him again!
Jane Ellis

oregon flag


Dear Claudio
Thankyou for sharing your tuscan life, the art of your cooking, your familly and your home with me. 
It was one of the most memorable times in my life. 
In the summer I work as the Chef for a Kyaking shool on the Rogue River in Oregon. I would love to share the beauty of it with you if you ever come to Oregon

Hi Sabrina,
I wanted to share with you the wonderful feelback I got from Christy. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our clients.
It was unbelievably wonderful. Sergio did such a great job giving us history on wine making and just being a great guy to spend the day with. Our favorite stop was Guiseppes family winery. He was so nice and his wine was so good that we bought two cases! . Thank you again.
Christy Lucia
florida Dear Claudio
our day with you is one we will never forget! We hope to return with friends one day 
Mark & Carol



.....we wanted to let you know that our entire trip was beyond our expectations.  
Wow!  Everyone has told our friends of this wonderful experience. 
...Now to Tuscany:  Our week at Torre Guelfa was one of the highlights of all of our travels. Claudio and Sabrina and their staff treated us like royalty.  The food and wine were exceptional.   Everyone in our group agreed. ...... The Piantini's made our trip unforgettable.  One thing is certain, some day soon we will return to Torre Guelfa.  
All of our day trips in Tuscany were superb.
  Everyone especially liked the wine dinner at I Selvatici and the trip the Bolgheri. 
......Our driver, Sergio, part of the Torre Guelfa staff was excellent and his English was impeccable.  He certainly made our trip enjoyable. 
We want to thank you, Flavia, for arranging and organizing this incredible adventure for us and our friends.
We will never forget it.
Betty Ann & Tony
Extraordinary Inn in Tuscany – the Relais Torre Guelfa
In September 2005 my husband and I, along with another couple, 
spent 10 days and nights at this unique inn nestled among the vineyards and gardens outside the town of Figline Valdarno, Toscana.
Relais Torre Guelfa, along with the Restaurant Torre Guelfa on the square in Figline, is owned by a sister and brother —  Sabrina and Claudio.  Sabrina bubbles with good will, laughter and efficiency.   Her favorite words are “no problem, suuure, and perfecto”.  Any request is quickly turned into reality.  
In addition to running the restaurant, Claudio teaches cooking classes attended by numerous people from countries outside of Italy.  
Although we were not there for the classes, we had an opportunity during our stay to meet students who were enthusiastic about their newly learned culinary skills. 
Sabrina and Claudia were born in the town of Figline, as were their parents and grandparents
. The Relais has five rooms with en-suite bathrooms.  The entire Relais is decorated in Tuscan style.  Beds can be made up as twins or king. 
Each room has a telephone, small refrigerator into which a bottle of sparkling water and one of still water appears each day to replace that which has been used.  Barbara lays out breakfast and takes care of the rooms.
  We were invited to have our evening meal in the restaurant (Sabrina would drive us there and pick us up when we wished to return.)  
Other nights we preferred to eat in the dining room of the Relais or at tables outside.  
Our foursome dined together at whatever time we designated and other guests had dinner together at their chosen hour. 
Chefs from the restaurant came to prepare our evening meals.  Four courses is standard and we had to beg for piccolo (small) portions.  
If someone wanted a salad instead of soup – “no problem” or risotto instead of pasta – “no problem”.  When we arrived at the table each evening, we would find a full bottle of white wine  and another of red, in addition to a bottle of sparking water and one of still water upon the table.   Although generally only a glass of red and a glass of white was consumed, new, full bottles would appear each night.  
The Relais has a swimming pool and guests, as well as friends of Sabrina and Claudio, could be found enjoying it.  
The Relais definitely exudes a very friendly, family atmosphere.
Many guests only stay a few days, but we decided to spend ten nights and do day trips around Tuscany.
  Our arrangements included a driver each day and licensed half-day guides in most towns we visited.  
All vehicles were very comfortable, air-conditioned vans.  
Lunch was at a restaurant chosen by the incredible Sabrina and a voucher was faxed ahead of time so we were always expected and welcomed. 
When we requested a simple pizzeria or café a couple of times – “no problem” – the change was made.
We saw quite a lot while in Tuscany but I will only list what we thought were “don’t miss” sites – 
the Casentino area if you like the countryside and old, but still functioning abbeys, driving through Chianti country, 
San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Siena, Loro Ciuffenna (one of our driver’s home town), Chiusi (excellent Etruscan museum), 
Lucca and the Arno Valley.  Sabrina also provided us with tickets for excellent seats for the Palio (Medieval Festival) in Figline. 
A traditional festival dating back several hundred years.
Relais Torre Guelfa is in a class by itself, and despite all our travels, a unique experience.
We had only a short time in Umbria.  Do not miss Perugia, little Todi and magnificent Orvieto.  Our driver for these three days, who was born and lived in Orvieto, was able to show us all the beautiful back streets.  
On the first day he picked us up, he arrived with roses for the ladies and English speaking newspapers for the gentlemen.  
He also took us to the best homemade gelato of our entire trip.  
Our trip was booked through Flavia Jaber of Road to Italy.
  Flavia is Italian and travels there frequently, although living and working in Toronto, Canada.  She recommended Relais Torre Guelfa, having stayed there herself.

Dear Sabrina and family…….We wanted to let you know how very much we appreciated your warm hospitality! 
You made our trip to your Italy so very special.  We made it home just fine….around 8 am your time on 6/9.  
Didn’t even lose any luggage!  We cannot tell you how delighted we were with your Relais…… what a surprise…it was so much more than we expected!  Thanks to you, Claudio, Barbara for all of the fine service and all of your help. 
 Paul is really missing Barbara’s coffee in the morning!!!  Nichola did a great job serving us on Sunday night.  And Barbara made our lunch so fun on Sunday.  If I get myself organized, I will send pictures to you.........
We are recommending Torre Guelfa Relais to everyone we see….even on the jet back to USA.  Love to you all!!!  Paul and Julie

Dear Sabrina, hello from Ottawa, just a note to say how much I enjoyed mystay with you . We the `soul sisters` had so much fun staying with you and enjoying your hospitality ,and Tuscan life. Our trip to the Cinqueterre was great but ,Tuscany was special. My regards to Sergio he was fabulous and certainly added to our enjoyment of the trip. I hope all is well with you Ciao, Christina {one of the soul sisters}

Dear Christina…..
.......The area around the farm is restful and beautiful; the rooms are so “Tuscan”, comfy and clean, colorful and a joy to stay in. 
Sabrina and her staff kept us very happy and our wishes were their commands!  
Our guide, Sergio, just fit for our group and we had a great time with him and he shared so much of his country with us. 
Sabrina and Sergio were willing to change plans in mid stream as our needs changed. 
(We had a member of our party that was having a hard time with her hip so much of the walking had to be rearranged.)  
Sabrina and Sergio did whatever they needed to do to keep our plans fun and easy for Beth. Words cannot convey our complete contentment with our stay with all of them at the farm!!!  ....


 Accoglienza clienti tel 0039 0554936459-  email torreguelfa@torreguelfa.it 
I VIAGGI DEL GUSTO- Via Dell'Oriuolo, 17 - Firenze- Italy
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